Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 "To do" list

2008 has been pretty good to us... I took a new job that not only treats me better but has allowed us to save and be more 'grown-up' about our finances. We feel *slightly* more secure about the current economic situation, despite the daily uncertainties of the architectural profession and a lot of the work that is tied to the market. We're not truly worried but we're not out of the woods yet, either. Projects get put on hold, no one (municipalities, especially) wants to spend the money they've saved and planned for projects and engineers are beating down our door to hook them up with work. Be all that as it may, I am hopeful for this next year and all I can do is keep working smarter and a little harder. I'm nowhere near done with choosing Christmas gifts or addressing cards, but I'm already thinking ahead to goals for next year.

1. See more of our great land... specifics TBD.

create your own personalized map of the USA

2. Build and maintain an emergency fund... enough to cover at least non-savings income (roughly 80%) for one of us for 6 months or both for 3. I'm probably... halfway there... and I opened a high-interest savings account to help us get there faster.

3. Finish designing our house renovation. Er, finish building our sunken patio!

4. Finish the ARE exams and become a registered architect! This should really be #1 and will take all my time, but it is really time I finished the rest (one down, eight to go).

5. Make or at least modify my own clothing using my new sewing machine and some creative flair. ;)

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