Saturday, June 13, 2009


I promise to add photos of my projects later tonight, but in the meantime...

My secondary goal for taking the Wardrobe Refashion Pledge was really to not spend any money on clothes or fabric for the term of the Pledge. I have a bunch of stuff waiting in the stash, and if I can get it to a more manageable size, that'll be the pay-off... not to mention the 'new' clothes! I spent maybe $15 in May, on items for projects. To celebrate passing the LEED exam, I found a $5 scarf that I've turned into a top and found a couple of things on a lunchbreak walk to Father & Son. I've been working on a couple of pillowcase projects, which I'm finding to be so easy and fulfilling! I am still waiting to finish a tunic top for my friend's 3-year-old and then make a similar one for my goddaughter (the 3-yo's little sister). I also took a larger decorative pillow sham case and turned it into pj capri pants for myself. I'm super excited about those. I ended up finding an adorable skirt at Goodwill last week... unfortunately it doesn't need any work, but it is thrifted and cost a whole $3.39. I love that store. My only other purchase for the month of June was from etsy and it is adorable artwork.

I'm going to have to put the sewing aside for a bit, though, because I have two more exams to take before the end of June. I'm really not looking forward to spending the next two weeks on the computer all night, studying. The up side is that if I pass these I can make an easier transition to the new format... as my dad would say, I'll be in the short rows.

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