Saturday, July 18, 2009

A much-needed vacation!

DH, Brother K, Little Cheese (DH's kid bro), the doggies and I all went down to the Cape Lookout National Seashore for a couple of days of relative peace and quiet.

For anyone unfamiliar, the Outer Banks of North Carolina consists of a string of (mostly) uninhabited barrier islands which separate the Sounds (brackish water) from the Atlantic Ocean. There's a rich history of America's first settlement, pirate hideouts, shipwrecks, and wild ponies.

The Outer Banks have always been special to me... my grandfather was a large animal veterinarian who was involved in the genetic research to save the Banks ponies and I spent my childhood on his houseboat in the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds. He instilled a true love in me for the natural beauty of my home state, and an appreciation for how fleeting these things can be if not properly cared for.

When DH and I moved (back) to NC after college we added ocean side camping to our list of favorite things to do, then decided to be married on the beach in 2003. This particular stretch of beach was a new adventure for us, but I think we've found our new favorite place!

There is nothing quite as spectacular as waking at sunrise on the beach or watching the sun set over the sound. We saw the most amazing display of stars, with a clear view of the Milky Way and the constellations, even if we couldn't remember many of them! It was a great break, with nothing (and no one) else in sight for days! We also found lots of great seashells, a rarity (in my experience) on the NC coast since the surf is so rough.

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