Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The western desert is the best

Last Monday, I flew out to southern California where DH (who'd been in Oregon with some friends the previous week) was picking me up for a week in the desert. Our week in Johnson Valley was pretty incredible. The clear desert nights were really beautiful and the ‘camp,’ known as Hammertown, was huge. Basically, a city sprang up from out of nowhere for the week of events!

One of our friends (the OR guys) even towed his camper, so instead of sleeping in someone's enclosed trailer... basically on the floor, like sardines, we were much more comfortable than anticipated! In the windy desert, and with the hard rains they've been having in So Cal, something with a bathroom, shower and coffee maker was a welcome surprise!

One of the OR guys was co-driving in the King of the Hammers desert race and we were going to support the team and just have a good time. Everyone was friendly and we certainly didn’t want for food or a drink or a seat by anyone’s campfire.

More about the week and the race later...

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