Tuesday, July 17, 2012


When I'm feeling kind of bummed about some things, I try to take a minute and focus on... Things I love, In no particular order:

1- My husband. It is that simple and yet that all-encompassing. As I've mentioned before, he is my favorite person and my best friend. He makes me laugh and he makes me a better person. We make a good team and we work hard, always there to help each other along the way.

DH and DD on his first Father's Day

2- My child(ren). My 'darlin' daughter' brings smiles to my face and melts my heart constantly. The newness of everything, how she's seeing and figuring things out for the first time, amazes me and makes me appreciate so much. Her hugs and kisses are the BEST and her high fives and fist bumps are pretty awesome, too. ;) She dances at the tiniest hint of a tune and she LOVES.

DD, age 1, my Gma, age 91

At 20 weeks, tomorrow, we're excitedly anticipating the birth of our second child. I can only imagine that the fun and love (ok, and lack of sleep!) will increase not only double but probably triple.

3- Making people smile or laugh. What is better in life than sharing the joys of every day with family and friends?

4- A sense of accomplishment for a job well done. Knowing I've done my best, learned something and made a difference to someone else. Like June Carter Cash was fond of saying, "I'm just trying to matter."

5- My dogs. They help me remember lots of simple things that make me a better person. They also make me laugh on a regular basis, which is good for anyone.

Happy Dogs on a backpacking trip

6- God. My faith is something I'm often at a loss for words to describe, something too personal to discuss. I don't expect other people to share my beliefs, so I don't often share my beliefs with others, if that makes sense? To each his own, it is a personal thing, is what I'm trying to say. I'm in awe and take comfort in the enormity of it all... whoever is responsible.

7- Nature. I experience great joy being out in the wildest places. It isn't just the sun or the trees or any particular type of place. I'm very happy when I'm out 'there' in the open (or deep in a laurel thicket) and the silence. See #6.

With DH and the Dogs, on top of Cold Mountain

8- Cooking for/feeding people. I may not be the best cook, but I put every ounce of love in my being into it. I learned that from my grandmother. Food doesn't solve all our problems, but knowing you're loved and cared for sure does help.

9- Feeling good/helping others feel good. Related to #3, 4 and 8... but more specific to feeling "healthy." I like to be active, but not in a gym-three-times-a-week sense. I like walking (see #7), I like stretching (I'm starting to feel a Molly Shannon moment coming on :LOL: ), I like to feel like my body is doing things it is supposed to do. I'm not the preachy type, but my enthusiasm may sometimes get the better of me. ;) I'm trying to figure out a way to do more of helping others feel good... maybe there's even a "job" in it.

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