Friday, May 1, 2009

It'll be a busy few months!

May 1 is a big day for me... I'm taking the Wardrobe Refashion pledge for four months starting today! I explained the whole thing to DH last night, during our break from studying for LEED. He thinks it is pretty cool. My first round of refashions will be from completely my own stuff... clothing that doesn't quite work and some sheets and other scraps as well. I also have a couple of refashion projects with stuff my friend, Jules, gave me but those are for for her or her little girls. I'm pretty excited to learn to make cute girly clothes for my favorite little blondes!

I'm also starting back up with my exercise routine. Three summers ago I lost about 20#, and I've maintained it since, but I'd love to be more toned and comfortable in summer clothes, especially if I'm going to be making cute skirts! So I'll be cutting out the soda and cutting back on bread and sugary stuff. Last time I kept a diary and counted calories, which really worked and helped me re-establish my sense of portion sizes, but unless it becomes obviously necessary I'll skip that part. I'm more interested in building muscle, so will focus on what I'm eating and less on how much.

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