Saturday, May 2, 2009

Refashioning - learning from mistakes

My first 'major' refashion was a fun project, but not exactly a success. I had collected a small pile of things from my closet that weren't quite what I wanted them to be. A quick trip to Good Will during a lunchtime walk yielded a couple of interesting ties and, once I took a good look at everything together, a lavender v-neck top and a purple & green tie were surely meant for each other. I decided the top would be better with a deeper 'V' and so set out to recreate it, based on a little faux wrap top I have.

It was a great chance to play with techniques, hidden stitches and mitering (is that term even appropriate for sewing?) corners. I love the colors together, still... but my fatal flaw was not taking into account the fact that the top was a little short for my preference in the first place. I could have done a better job pinning (and should have basted) the pieces together. I ended up with some puckering in spots due to the differences in the way the fabrics stretch.

I don't have a photo of myself in it, because I wore it once (with a cardigan over top) and then started taking it apart... trying to figure out ways to reuse pieces, but especially the tie fabric. No big ideas yet, but the bottom of the lavender top has been added to another top... helping to make up for the 'too' short thing somewhere else!

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