Tuesday, July 6, 2010

As my Nana used to say...

It is H.O.T. hot outside!

Close to 100 forecast for the next three days. Now that DH started a 60-day contract job (YAY! more on that later) a 20-minute drive from home, I'm back to the old routine of going home to walk the dogs around the 'hood at lunch... no matter what the weather. Because we're tough... which is what I told them when I resolved to walk the third block of the 'loop' of our neighborhood... it works out to about a mile.

Oh, so almost two weeks ago now I realized I had a voice mail from my friend and coworker, Allison, saying that her husband's firm was looking for contract help on a project. DH called the guy in charge of hiring, he put DH in touch with the staffing firm they use who set up an interview the next day... and the next day called DH back to say they wanted him to start ASAP! So he worked 4 days last week, had a 4-day weekend...

(Happy Independence Day!)

...and then has another 4-day week. Such a relief, on many levels! We're hopeful that they'll like him enough to keep him around once the project phase is completed and/or his contract is up. YAY!

My walk with the bad dogs got my blood pumping in the heat, so I'm only in the mood for fruit today... enjoying some tomato and cucumber salad (from my garden, which has gone berserk), with a little Ranch dressing that showed up unexpectedly out of the office fridge. The highlight of my day (I know, sad) will be one of my all-time favorite snacks... sliced apple with peanut butter.

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