Thursday, June 24, 2010

So much to do, so little time

I have lots to say but little time to share it! I'll think to myself, I really need to put this in blog form and then it doesn't happen. (grins sheepishly) If anyone wants to know how to make sweet tea or jalapeno poppers or how not to trim a tree, I have photos and posts in my head!

DH and I have started a website business. The website has been around for a while as a Bulletin Board owned by a friend. DH helped him keep it running because he understands teh html, teh php and other things that I don't. ;) Anyway, I digress... our friend grew tired of people asking for t-shirts and other perks that would've forced him to handle money and turn it into a business, so he handed it over to us... to turn into a business. Yay! but starting a business is hard work! So much paperwork, so many forms and things to keep track of and so many fees! It falls right in with our hobby of photographing off-road endurance races, though, so we did more of that this past weekend too. DH takes the photos, I take video and Brother K comes along and does some of both.

We're still working on our house and I'm still working on sewing projects. I took time away to actually crochet not too long ago (okay, it was in April) to make this sweet little bunting for Allison's nursery. She was sweet enough to include it in a series of posts she's done on the decorating process.

Well, that's mostly what I'm up to. The garden is happy, we've harvested many yellow squash, wax beans and cucumbers, but only one cherry tomato so far. It's been super hot here! I'm hoping to get a few sewing projects finished and make progress on house projects these next few weekends.


  1. Thanks, Chloe! I based them on this pattern... super easy!


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