Thursday, January 27, 2011

So it's been a while...

Not that my one reader doesn't already know what I've been up to, but anyway... ;)

Friends and family have, patiently, kept mostly quiet until we were ready to make it 'Facebook Official', as DH's teenage cousin would say. We're having a baby! We should have a new addition by early April.

I feel pretty good. I had some weird food aversions early on... I immediately had no interest in coffee or beer, both tasted 'off' to me. I also had an aversion to bread, which is really strange for me. I went to Target and the grocery store a couple of times in those first weeks and the deli section (bread and cheeses) made me want to gag... all I wanted was fruit, veggies and protein. I guess that's a good thing? :) I'm mostly over those issues now, but have tried to keep eating healthy and just get a good variety of 'whole' foods. In the last week or two I've started some hard-core nesting, cooking and fixing stuff up to freeze for once the baby is here and we're too tired or busy to make real food.

Since it seems 'bump' pictures are the thing to do, we have kept up with it to some extent... here are some highlights. :)

Way back at 15 weeks... at 27 weeks - the day of our only ultrasound (we didn't learn the gender)... this past Tuesday, 31 weeks, showing off the new hoodies we had printed for promoting our little side business...

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