Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some thoughts on being knocked up*

*I don't mind that term, by the way, DH uses it and I think it's funny.

I still have about two months to go before 'the baby,' as DH and I call this little one, arrives, so I'm far from an expert. I'm not even to what is supposedly the toughest part... the 'big fat moo cow' phase, as a friend once called herself.

DH and I decided on not rushing to tell anyone... we waited to the 12th week to tell our families and then took our time telling other friends and family members either in person or by phone, at the very least with a personal email. We didn't actually 'announce' it on Facebook until 31 weeks, after all. We didn't try to hide it, especially once the physical changes were evident, we just did it the way that felt right to us.

We took a Bradley Method class, which emphasizes protein... I've done fairly well with that, it turns out I naturally consume a fair amount of protein. Especially early on, I realized my body was craving things it needed, like vitamins and folic acid... lots of whole foods. I was chowing down on lots of greek yogurt and fruit for a while, but then got burned out on the yogurt. I guess this baby wants to be healthy!

The Bradley Method is focused on natural birth with no medical intervention, unless it is necessary to keep mom or baby healthy. We're preparing for an unmedicated birth at a free-standing birth center, which I'm very excited about. The people there are wonderful and I feel fortunate to be a patient there. We actually transferred in from an OB/GYN practice when I was in my 23rd or 24th week. DH and I usually see a General Practitioner (who is really great about personalized care), so switching to an OB in September wasn't a terrible experience but also wasn't what I was used to. It just wasn't for me and the birth center is just a different model of care and one that I much prefer. They do have a great relationship with the hospital just a few blocks away and the midwives stay with their patients that have to be transferred there for any reason.

The weight gain thing is going... well, I guess. I'm within the range for starting out at a 'normal' weight. It has been a little scary to do the math, but I know I'm healthy and doing what's right for the baby. I 'passed' the glucose screening and have only been slightly low on iron, so take an extra supplement. I've tried to not worry over things and to just live in the moment and enjoy everything.

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