Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hope it was a Happy Thanksgiving!

DH spent the week hunting with his dad and grandpa, but I stayed home and spent Thanksgiving at my parents' with my brothers, grandmother and my cousin (who I'm proud to say is a US Marine and very happy to say just returned from Afghanistan). I'm thankful for them all!

The boys didn't get too rowdy, although the mischievous look would indicate otherwise. (Yep, Dad is shortest and baby bro is tallest at 6'-8"!)

Turkey, already sliced, baby bro's garlicky mashed potatoes and my broccoli & tomato salad. The dark stuff in the lower right corner is the crunchy topping on the sweet potato casserole my grandmother made.

Green beans & corn, dressing (my mom won't put it in the turkey), ham already sliced, rice for my SC born-and-raised grandmother and gravy still simmering.

I forgot to take photos of the desserts, but along with my classic cheesecake was an apple & cranberry pie with crumbly oatmeal topping that baby bro made. He's an actual pro. chef, so we take his desserts pretty seriously.

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