Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Holiday Survey

I saw this holiday survey over on Lullabye Fashion and thought it would be fun to do, myself.

Favorite Holiday Cookie: sugar cookies, just a dusting of sugar does it for me

Favorite Winter Meal: Potato Soup (I'll share the recipe soon)

Favorite Winter Breakfast:
a southern classic, biscuits and gravy!

Favorite Seasonal Hot Beverage: spicy hot cocoa with marshmallows

Favorite Seasonal Winter Fruit:
Apples are the only fruit available/locally grown in NC in December (I checked to make sure)... but I'd have to say oranges are my favorite, because they are a traditional part of our family's holiday. It goes back to my grandparents' Depression Era childhoods and how big a deal an orange for Christmas was to them!

Favorite Seasonal Winter Veggie: I'm a huge fan of sweet potatoes

Favorite Seasonal Dessert: DH's grandma makes awesome pinwheel and buckeye candies; they win out because Christmas is the ONLY time she makes them.

Favorite Holiday Memory: We always spent Christmas Day at my dad's parents' house with my aunt, uncle and cousins. There was plenty of my Nana's cooking and lots of visiting relatives. They've both passed on, but we try to keep some of the traditions alive... the fruit, the food, the family & friends and a little bit of 'mountain dew.' We don't know where it comes from.

Looking Forward to this Holiday: My neighbor is from Germany and decorates her tree with burning candles, like the ones in this awesome photo from 1910.

Your Goal this Season:
To make most of the gifts we give to friends and family. This includes sewing tote bags to fill with local wine, homemade cookies and chocolate bark. :)

Favorite Holiday Song:
The Little Drummer Boy, because I still remember brother K singing it in the pageant in the 3rd grade!

Favorite Holiday Movie (I added this one): A Christmas Story, of course!

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