Thursday, December 17, 2009


The cat is finally out of the bag... my good friend, Allison, has officially* announced her pregnancy. Since we work together and spend almost as much time together as we each do with our husbands, respectively, I figured it out a little early. I kept it a complete secret for her until she told a few key peeps, in person, and now it is common knowledge. We took an exploratory trip to our favorite Good Will store yesterday in search of tops to re-fashion into mommy-style goodness... I think she scored 5 or 6 actual maternity tops, instead. Good thrifty tip, there, especially for clothes that are wearable for just a few months... get 'em cheap and in good condition!

I'm happy and excited for her (& hubby) and want to say "Best Wishes" once again!

*meaning she posted it on Facebook

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  1. Aw, thanks! Nothing's real until it's on the internet :)


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