Friday, April 30, 2010

The birthday aftermath

I apologize for not providing photos, but gratuitous food pics are rude if you aren't close enough to stop by for a slice.

My boss brought in a cheesecake from a deli near his house, run by a Russian fellow who ran a deli in NY for many years.

DH took me to Clyde Cooper's Barbecue for lunch. I had the chopped bbq plate with steamed cabbage and potato salad. The potatoes were good, but I was there for the cabbage and the freshly fried pig skins that accompany every order. I like mine with a generous dash of Texas Pete and I didn't even bother with the hush puppies that came with my order. Nom, nom, nom.

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents took us to dinner at The Angus Barn, along with my brothers, my favorite Gunnery Sergeant and my grandmother. I was pretty stuffed on my wedge salad, 7 oz. filet and sweet potato... and the Bad Penny. If it is your birthday they bring you your own lemon poundcake, 3/4 scale.

My dad also made me a cake... because homemade cakes are kind of my thing. I tried to not be rude about it, but one year he got a Costco cheesecake and it was not my thing. His mom, my Nana, always made us cakes for our birthdays. I generally make cakes for everyone else's birthdays and, although I don't have to have a cake, I prefer homemade. My dad made a chocolate cake with German Chocolate frosting in the middle and milk chocolate frosting all over.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that DH's mom visited over the weekend, so we could go visit some of her relatives over in Winston-Salem. She took us to The Mellow Mushroom for 'our' birthdays last Friday, since we hadn't seen her since Christmas and DH's birthday was three months ago. The Lonerider Shotgun Betty was delicious.

I won't eat for the next three days. Maybe.


  1. Sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Thank you, Jessica! I think I'm still full from it!


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